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Notice of Vacancies

Two vacancies have arisen in the Community Council - information available here 

Spectrum Internet Update - 17th September 2019  

Members received an update from representatives of Spectrum Internet regarding the broadband installation in the village. The meeting was advised that they were only a small number of days away from finalising the digging up of a field to begin the cabinet installation and that it is hoped connections to properties will commence in October. Representatives advised that they were still short on the take up, with currently only 20-25% of the village having committed, but are aware that some people are waiting until they see works commence before signing up. Ideally, they need 70% take up to generate income to support the outer areas of the village.

The biggest hurdle in take up is that people are already in contracts, however, should someone’s provider increase their tariff then that allows the availability to cancel the contract and then sign with Spectrum.

The Welsh Government voucher is valid for 12 months and although it cant be used to pay off an existing contract it can be “held” by Spectrum ready for when the existing providers contract expires and Spectrum, in this instance, are able to put all the cabling in to the perimeter of the property ready for connection. There is a new grant due to be released but as yet it is not backed by the Welsh Government.

updated Llanvaches landing page on Spectrum website.


  • On this page now it states the packages include VAT
  • That there is an option to add your telephone line with us if you wish, and the pricing of the telephone line and our telephone bundles are also included on the page
  • Information about the Gigabit Voucher Scheme
  • How much voucher money we currently have with regards properties picking their packages
  • How much voucher money we still need – aka more residents in the phase 1 fibre build to come and pick their package with us. 
Welcome to the Llanvaches Community Council website. 


Llanvaches, Llanfaches in Welsh, is located about midway between the market town of Chepstow and the city of Newport. The village lies just north of the A48 road and below Wentwood, with both Newport centre and Chepstow about 7 miles distant.


Brief History

The village is named after Saint Maches (Latin: Machuta), a daughter of Saint Gwynllyw or Woolos and sister of Saint Cadoc, who according to tradition lived a humble life as a shepherdess in the 5th century but was killed by robbers stealing her finest ram. Saint Tathan, Abbot of nearby Caerwent, to whom the murderers confessed their crime, built a church on the spot where she was killed, which became known as Merthyr Maches and later Llanfaches.

The parish church largely dates from the 14th century and is dedicated to Saint Dubritius (Welsh Dyfrig), with Bishops Transcripts dating back to 1725.


St Dubritius Church