Newport Active Travel Network Map Consultation

Published: 08 March 2021

Dear stakeholder, 

Newport City Council is working with Sustrans Cymru as part of Welsh Government’s Active Travel Network Map consultation (ATNM). 
The ATNM is a plan of routes that Newport City Council will use to inform where improvements to walking and cycling should be made within the county.
It will help to make journeys on foot or by bike across Newport easier and safer for everyone, particularly those who don’t currently walk or cycle often and people who use mobility aids.

Active travel that works for everyone
In order to design a network that works for everyone, we would like to get the views of as many people as possible, particularly those who don’t currently walk or cycle.
This will help us make sure that the routes built for walking and cycling work for the whole community.
Your feedback will be considered to help create the Newport Active Travel Network Map of walking and cycling routes.
Tell us what you think
You can share your thoughts on active travel infrastructure in your local area by using our easy online mapping tool. Simply click on the map to leave a comment:
Commonplace link
Here is 
a 30 second guide on how to use our mapping tool.

What next?
We will collect all of your comments from the online mapping tool and consider them to help create a network of safe walking and cycling routes throughout Newport.
Once this has happened, you will then get the chance to comment on the network itself, in case we missed something out.

The approved network will be used to inform where walking and cycling routes are built in Newport in the future, so it’s important we get it right now.

Spread the word
Thank you for telling us where you would like to see improvements to walking and cycling in Newport.
Please do circulate this information with your friends, family, colleagues and communities.   
For those unable to access our on-line engagement material, printed copies of the network map and survey can be provided via mail, free of charge. Please see below contact details.
Kind regards
Sustrans Cymru